Year 23 Annual (1 of 1) “Herr Gespenst”


The Wraith, sort of a signature shape, has almost always been done in Caneel. Bali, the sister material to Caneel, was a natural choice. It was especially a natural choice for the year 23 annual tamper (1 of 1) as the first Wraith in Caneel was also an annual tamper. Both Wraiths are made from cellulose acetate (not to be confused with unstable cellulose nitrate) and is the oldest plastic and made from totally renewable natural materials. Traditionally it has been made for objects that come into contact with the human body (skin) including eyeglass frames, tool handles , knitting needles, guitar picks and jewelry. Once you feel these materials you will understand. The incredible beauty of Caneel and Bali is unmatched. The rich orange to gold(ish) hues of Bali are wonderful. My supply of these materials is all there is anywhere. It still amazes me all these years later after I acquired it. The artist who owned this material before me called it “Moonlight”. That would be an apt name as it so much reminds one of the light of a rising moon. As to this Wraith, I wanted to do a very dramatic interpretation of the shape. After considerable tweaking I have it right where I want it.

Sorry, no pouch for this one.

Material: cellulose acetate- Bali
Grade: not graded
Length: 5”

Shipping is included in the listed price. For US shipping it is USPS Priority Mail. For other destinations it is small packet air mail or the equivalent. Other expedited mail is also available at extra cost.

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