Wraithed Vex in Autumn- Dynasty Grade


While the Wraithed Vex shape varies from piece to piece the underlying shape does not. A two groove spiral morphs to a four groove spiral below. It’s a tricky bit of carving. The result is a sleek sinewy tamper. I ended up pulling this piece from sale some time back and have narrowed the lower portion a good bit. A tamper that won’t fit in the pipe bowl is pretty worthless other than being sculpture. My final tweak to this piece allows it to be a most useful pipe tool with even better aesthetics. Win/win. The original grade of Mikado has been upgraded to Dynasty. I believe this is the first time in 23 years that a tweaked piece has been upgraded. The material, Autumn, really grabs me. Golden brown and forest green work so well together. FYI, to my eye the material has less of an orange hue than the photos show. It’s a hard one to photograph. The photo of the tamp on the pouch is pretty darn true as to color.

Material: acrylic- Autumn
Grade: Dynasty
Length: 5”

Included is a black buckskin leather pouch created by Neil Flancbaum and a laminated ownership card.

Shipping is included in the listed price. For US shipping it is USPS Priority Mail. For other destinations it is small packet air mail or the equivalent. Other expedited mail is also available at extra cost.

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