Sitz in Nocturne and Briar


One of the joys of what I do is spotting a scrap of material laying about in my shop (there are lots of those) and realizing what it should become. This started as a scrap of wedge of plateau briar, probably leftover from making a pipe, laying on my office desk. Initially I had thought to mate it with some bamboo to make a Shroom but after I spotted a bar of Nocturne I knew that it had to become a Sitz. I’m as pleased with the results. Being out at the plateau on a piece of straight grain I was hoping for more straight grain I was hoping for better grain but it’s nice nonetheless. There’s plenty of bird’s eye in the bottom but there is that one flaw that looks worse in the photo than it really is. Ah well. Still, I like this tamper a lot. It’s imperfections are reflected in the price. Your tamper will include a Neil laminated ownership card. No pouch for this one. Length:3”. Grade: Mikado.

Shipping is included in the listed price. For US shipping it is USPS Priority Mail. For other destinations it is small packet air mail or the equivalent. Other expedited mail is also available at extra cost. ns are reflected in the price.

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