Object “Sentinel” in Mojave


In the creative world of Ming-Kahuna few things give me more enjoyment than translating my tamper shapes into sculpture. This can be done without regard to function. It shouldn’t be surprising that size and shape are severely limited by the requirement that a tamper fit in a pipe bowl. That limitation removed, I am free to spread my wings.

Sentinel is an interpretation of my Predator/Piranha shape. The wasp thin waist allows me to maximize the most dramatic aspects of the shape. Asymmetrical elements have been introduced to breath life into the form creating a unique essence. The shape is bold enough that a striking resin like Mojave could be utilized without stealing the show allowing for a symbiotic relationship between shape and material. At just over six inches tall it can sit most anywhere without overpowering its surroundings without getting lost in the shuffle. Sadly my photos fail to capture it all but you can begin to get an idea of what Sentinel is all about. The bottom will be signed and dated.

Height: 6 1/8 inches

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