“It’s a Twister!” In Caneel


I had a ball carving “It’s a Twister!”. One-of-a-kind freehands are what I truly love doing. I’ve seen this shape many times before as a lifelong storm chaser, usually hanging down from a nasty cloudy. Asymmetrical? You betcha. Boring? I think not. The cellulose acetate Caneel puts a very nice spin on it. It’s truly the most amazing material that I’ve seen. I’d say that even if I didn’t own most all (if not all) of it that exists. You really have to have it in hand to appreciate it. The warm touch of cellulose acetate (no, not cellulose nitrate!) is absolutely luxurious. That’s why cellulose acetate is generally used to make items that come into contact with skin. It’s the oldest plastic and the only one made with renewable resources. Included is a black buckskin leather pouch created by Neil Flancbaum and a laminated ownership card. Length: 4” Grade: Pieces made from Caneel are not graded.

Shipping is included in the listed price. For US shipping it is USPS Priority Mail. For other destinations it is small packet air mail or the equivalent. Other expedited mail is also available at extra cost.

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