Incisor in Canyon



I have always immensely enjoyed carving spirals. While one could be tempted to say that one looks pretty much like another nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, I’d be hard pressed to carve two that looked much alike. That said, many of my reoccurring spiral shapes follow very definite rules. While I give great leeway to shape variances there is a core shape with very distinct rules that must be followed. Such is the case with the Incisor. The three groove spiral starts out above with a shallow pitch giving it a panel look. Then, about 40% down towards the tamp-end the pitch of the spiral shifts sharply speeding up in a big way as it works its way down. That shift in the pitch defines the shape. It also allows the width of the piece to narrow greatly facilitating a better fit in the pipe bowl. The material, Featuring rich earth tones, reminds me of Stud but is significantly different. Like Stud it’s availability is long gone unless I stumble across a piece in my mess of a shop. There is nothing boring about this piece. Includes a black buckskin leather pouch by Neil Flancbaum.

Length: 5 1/8”
Grade: Mikado

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