Imperium in Goldfinger


The Imperium features design aspects that are “elemental” to Ming-Kahuna.

The lower portion is the organic vase shape as seen on the first Pocket Model from twenty years ago. The inward taper guarantees a great fit in small bowled pipes. Putting artistry aside, a tamper is a tool, and function is paramount.

Atop the Imperium is a two-grooved spiral. I’ve had a boatload of fun with spirals over the years. No two are alike, each a unique statement, a momentary expression never to be seen again.

“No Mr. Bond, I expect you to…” Okay, you know the rest as well as the man who uttered that immortal line. What other name could this material have? I don’t think “Frobe” would work near as well.

There is a lot going on with Goldfinger from outrageously rich opaque swirling gold to semi-transparent amber. Goldfinger is a real showstopper. Best yet you don’t have to have the keys to the Fort Knox Repository to be able to afford to own it.

Imperium in Goldfinger will come nestled in a Neil Flancbaum created buckskin leather pouch.

Length: 4.25 inches
Grade: Mikado

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