Imperium in Cuda

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The Imperium features design aspects that are “elemental” to Ming-Kahuna.

Below is the organic vase shape as seen on the first Pocket Model from twenty years ago. The inward taper guarantees a great fit in small bowled pipes. Putting artistry aside, a tamper is a tool, and function is paramount.

Atop the Imperium is a two-grooved spiral. I’ve had a boatload of fun with spirals over the years. No two are alike, each a unique statement, a momentary expression never to be seen again.

Cuda was the first material of Ming-Kahuna. It’s named after the Plymouth Barracuda. Growing up in the Sixties Barracudas seemed to be most prevalent in green, purple, and black. The emerald green, indigo, and black of the material brought the classic auto immediately to mind. It’s a rich wonderful mix that pleases me in more ways than one in terms of nostalgia.

Imperium in Cuda will come nestled in a Neil Flancbaum created buckskin leather pouch.

Length: 4 3/8 inches
Grade: Mikado

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