Arashi in Riptide


Arashi, a word for storm, is every bit of that. With a lifetime of storm chasing under my belt I know something of storms. The Arashi shape is a lot gentler than a lot of storms that I’ve been in, but it’s not at all boring, and it won’t kill you You will notice that the decent of the lower portion is less steep. That is quite intentional to maximize the fit in the pipe bowl. A tamper that doesn’t fit isn’t worth spit. Riptide is an obvious and perfect choice for the shape. It’s a very different view depending any way you look at it with the blue streaks changing in a big way set in the clear matrix. This piece will be a joy to hold.

Include is a black buckskin leather pouch created by Neil Flancbaum and a laminated ownership card. Length: 5 1/8” Grade: Mikado

Shipping is included in the listed price. For US shipping it is USPS Priority Mail. For other destinations it is small packet air mail or the equivalent. Other expedited mail is also available at extra cost.

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