1/17/19: As it’s winter my cigar smoking takes a most definite back seat to my pipes.  Smoking a cigar in the back deck is great fun but puffing on a ten dollar cigar in forty degree temps is somewhat of a waste.  Puffing on a briar in the comfort of my home gets the call. It’s at these times that I am re-invigorated as to the wonderful rituals of pipe smoking.  

I’m pleased to say that I am in part responsible for some of that ritual through my creation of artistic pipe tools. While something as simple and handy as a finger will do I find that a handcrafted pipe tamper can add so much to the experience.  While my opinions on that are obviously far from impartial I would very strongly maintain that a finely crafted pipe deserves an equal partner in a tamper.  Going back twenty years that is probably pretty much what was in the back of my mind when I created Ming-Kahuna.  

1/10/19: SALE! Through 1/19/19 selected pieces (most) at www.ming-kahuna.com will be 20% off as indicated in individual listings. All others offers/discounts do not apply. As always shipping is included in the listed price.

1/30/18: I have finally decided on the exact nature of the 20th anniversary set. First, there will only be one rather than two. As before, all of the set will be made from the first material of Ming, Cuda. In addition to the stand there will be three pieces; a Pocket Model, Presentation Grade, and a Stiletto pick.

11/13/18: This news feature will be expanded to include ramblings that are offered in addition to my work. All work and no play makes Art a dull boy. While I love to share all things Ming there is far more to life. About the only thing that I won’t be writing about is politics. I’ve had quite enough of that. I will be avoiding controversy at all cost. Of course opining as to who was the best Bond villain may ruffle a few feathers, but I will just have to take that risk.

So, stop back now and then if you have a mind to for a little bit of this and a little bit of that.

Oh, and for the record, Donald Pleasance as Blofeld very closely followed by Christoph Waltz as Blofeld. Honorable mention goes to Telly Savalas as Blofeld.

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