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UPDATE- Wraithed Vex in Surf- Dynasty Grade

UPDATE- Wraithed Vex in Surf- Dynasty Grade

Product #: SOLD
Length: 5 1/8 inches
Material: acrylic: Surf Grade: Dynasty $117 SOLD

UPDATE: This stunning material is now history. Other than a few small "cutoff" scraps it's all gone. Barring the unforeseen and highly unlikely this will be the last Ming created with Surf.

Seemingly chaotic this piece is unpredictably precise earning it the Dynasty Grade. The beauty of Surf speaks for itself.

This tamper will come nestled in a Neil Flancbaum crafted buckskin leather pouch. Shipping is a flat rate of $6.00 per package for domestic USPS Priority shipping. Please inquire as to shipping to foreign destinations. USPS Express Mail is available by arrangement and an additional cost.

To order, either email me at mingkahuna@aol.com or call at 404-543-1672. Paypal is welcome as is your personal check or money order.

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