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Reptilian Arashi in Cruz Bay

Reptilian Arashi in Cruz Bay

Product #: ARCB
Length: 3.3 inches
Material: acrylic: Cruz Bay Grade: Mikado $85

I was replacing a TV in the bedroom and when I pulled it out this tamper was behind it. How long had it been there? Who knows? It was only rough carved. After a few weeks of contemplation I decided to give it my special Reptilian finish. It's rusticated perfectly finished down to the deepest recess. Along with the overall shape it's a tactile joy to hold.

The material is named for a cloudy morning at the Cruz Bay public docks in St. John, Virgin Islands. The sea, as smooth as glass, met the overcast sky so perfectly that it seemed like the edge of the world was only a swim away. The water seemed to reflect up onto the clouds giving them a blue hue. I'd never seen anything like it, and, haven't since.

This tamper will come nestled in a Neil Flancbaum crafted buckskin leather pouch as well as with a laminated photo ID ownership card. Shipping is a flat rate of $6.00 per package for domestic USPS Priority shipping. Please inquire as to shipping to foreign destinations. USPS Express Mail is available by arrangement and an additional cost.

To order, either email me at mingkahuna@aol.com or call at 404-543-1672. Paypal is welcome as is your personal check or money order.

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