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2016 Christmas Tamper "Tannenbaum"

2016 Christmas Tamper "Tannenbaum"

Product #: XM16
Length: 5.25 inches
Material: resin: Noel & 6061 grade aluminum $100

Note: While going through the shop I came across this tamper. I had thought it sold. So, it's Christmas in August. As penance for my carelessness I have reduced the price by $21 and will provide free Priority US shipping.

For this year's Christmas tamper (there will only be one)I chose a shape that has been re-interpreted a number of times since the first Christmas tamps circa 2000. Tannenbaum is most definitely a clean and contemporary design. With 1 5/8 inches of aluminum to fit in the bowl it will be functional in many if not most pipes. The stocking is included to serve as its pouch when not in use. The greenery stays with me.

To order, either email me at mingkahuna@aol.com or call at 404-543-1672. Paypal is welcome as is your personal check or money order.

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