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A real blast from the past....Updated!

A real blast from the past....Updated!

Product #: STND
Material: $103 for stand and tamper.

Heres a real blast from the past, circa 1999. I came across these pieces some time back while rustling through the storage room next to my shop. Thats the first tamper stand made from five separate pieces of Cuda. It was one of my earliest efforts to bond multiple piece of acrylic so the seams are visible. My bonding techniques have improved vastly but I should be able to clean up some of the seams nicely. This will only fit a narrow tamper. A Bluto in Cuda, a shape that didnt exist for me in 1999, comes to mind. The tamper that I also found, shown in the photo, would also be a perfect fit. It was made right at the same time as the stand and I may have meant them to be a set as Cuda and Reef were the first two materials of Ming-Kahuna. The piece is called Necron 99. Its a curiously thin piece but is actually quite stout. That said, I wouldnt take it whitewater rafting.

NOTE: If Necron 99 in Reef doesn't float your boat I will make a Bluto in 6061 grade aluminum to go with the stand instead. A Bluto in matching Cuda could also be done. Same price as currently listed for both options.

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