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Carver' Choice

Carver' Choice

For a good number of years I had a special designation for certain tampers that I called Carvers Choice. After a time I quit using that designation as it seemed to cause some confusion relative to my grading system. I have since decided that the Carvers Choice designation should be brought back along with further explanation as to what the designation means.

First and foremost, Carvers Choice is not a grade. It is a designation that does not affect grade. Its my way of saying, regardless of grade, that any one particular piece is worthy of consideration as it would be a one that I myself would choose. It is merely a designation that indicates a recommendation. It is a tamper that I myself would acquire. That isnt to say that I wouldnt acquire other pieces of my work. If I wouldnt own it I wouldnt sell it, but merely that some pieces stand out to me as ones that I would own if I allowed myself to own my work.

Of course, in the end, what really matters is what floats your boat, but with the Carvers Choice designation I can bring special attention to pieces that float mine.

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