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About Grading

About Grading

There are very, very few things that I do not enjoy with what I do with Ming-Kahuna. One of those few things is grading. Besides being difficult to do, it is an imperfect process by its very nature. Being an artist/artisan is a process and grading one's work is only relevant to where one stands in that process. It is a snapshot judgment in a single moment along the continuum of one's career. Would a Dynasty grade in 2002 be one today? And will today's Dynasty be one in years to come? But that is only the tip of the iceberg. For me there is so much that goes into a grade that it becomes almost impossible to quantify or to put it into terms that can be applied by others consistently from piece to piece. That being said, as much as I do not enjoy grading, I recognize it to be necessary. So, I have kept to pretty much the same grading system since 1998, only adding to it as has been necessary.

The other day, while doing a review of my web page, I noticed that my section on grading was missing. Being a new year I resolved to replace it with something that will, to the best of my ability, aid in understanding how I feel about any one piece. Recognizing that aspect of how I grade, that a piece's grade may not be quantifiable, or even explainable, I will try and give an overall idea as to what each grade means to me. For awhile this will be a work in progress, but for now under each general part of Ming (Ming, KazeTamp, Moxie) I will list the grades from "lowest" to highest later filling in what each grade means to me. I will mark this section as updated when new info goes in.



-Prefect -Mikado -Dynasty -Apex


-Ultra (the only heightened grade for KazeTamp)


-Joe -Tess -Mariah

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