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The Starship is the ultimate Ming-Kahuna pick tool, a synthesis of maximum form and function. As you can tell, the Starship follows from the new Universe line of tampers. They are unique statements in tamper art that will be at home on your smoking table, or wherever you go. Various tip profiles will be available to meet your exacting needs.

The Straship shown above (sold) is crafted from a new material that I call "Mutara". Other Starship have been produced, including one with a spiral pick, that will soon appear in a new Starship gallery.

Inquiries are welcome.

By the way, in my mind's eye these sleek picks are fast and lethal Starships from some future time. Following the tradition of the US Navy in naming ships, each Starship will be named after a city. Above is the Atlanta. Nearing completion is the Trenton, Philadelphia, Knoxville and New Haven. The keels are laid on the Houston, Montgomery, and the Yokohama which is for me. All have captains.

Also, look very soon for the new Starfleet, a double ended pick tool offering the option of two different pick configurations all the way from standard picks, spoons, blades, spears, etc..

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