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Ming-Kahuna tampers are not sold through regular retail channels.  In order to maintain the highest degree of customer service and interaction, the sale of each of my pieces is conducted through this website and contact with me, personally.  In addition, Ming-Kahuna work is occasionally available at select pipe shows throughout the year.

Ming Collector Info(as of 3/12/03)

FOUNDED: Informally began making tampers March/April 1998 out of Bocote and briar. Ming-Kahuna was founded on October 18, 1998 with the carving of a Pocket Model in Cuda (shown above with first Table Model). Ming was formerly established with an announcement on ASP (newsgroup Alt.Smokers.Pipes) on November 25, 1998. The Ming web site went online on February 14, 1999. First Ming customers: Mike Glukler of Briar Blues. Then, very shortly after, Jeff Folloder. First tampers, Pocket Models, sold for $30.


Cuda, Reef, Firefly, St. Elmo's Fire, Indigo, Electra, Venom, Tundra, Koko, Czar, Dragonfly, Saratoga, Tropic, Valentino, Storm, Spectre, Cicada, Mundo, Sahara, Shadow, Sky, Cruz Bay, Autumn, Camo, Ice, Goldfinger, Black Forest, Picasso, Soho, Jazz, Tango, Dogfight, Voodoo, Riptide, Bengal, Tracer, Poison, Predator, Abyss, Plumb, Tortie, Matrix Blue, Matrix Tan, Matrix Black.
Cellulose Acetate:
Blood of Kings, Asia, Tsunami, Smoke, Confetti, Cowboy, Inferno, BlueBlood, Caneel.
Cebloplast copolymer:
Ming, Kahuna, Bane, Inferno II, Widow, Glacier Bay, Fractured, Razzle, Oyster, Spice. Resin: Van Gogh, Bayou, Patriot, Friggin Blue, Republic, Faux Horn.
Bimini, Monet, Rogue, Gem. Acryligem: Old Glory. Wood: Amboyna Burl, resin impregnated boxelder burl.


Pocket Model, Table Model, Hammerhead (1999-2003; replaced by the Stasis), Incisor, Micro Incisor, Toro, Goblin, Legion, Bluto, Shogun, Excelsior, Bishop, Pawn, Fury, Probe, Ninja, Tanto, Katana, Stasis, Pariah, Proteus.
Infinity, Warlord, Infinity Helix, Warlord Helix, TopHat, TopHat Helix, Pocket Helix, Pocket Imperium, Pug, Pug Helix, Imp, Imp Helix, Genesis, Bushido, Emperor, Little Emperor, Fury, Matrix, Tribune.
Pipe Cleaner Holders:
Asp (holds 15), Viper (holds 5).
Tamper Stand:
For Snuff:
The Pod, Snug.

* The use of a "II" in a name indicates that the brass top cap has been removed on a model where use is standard. The "Helix" designation indicates a spiral shape has been applied to the lower barrel.

Series: Empire (freehands, pick and non-pick), Gotham, Fujita, LifeForce, LightYear, Assassin, Akira, Yume, Toro, Emperor, Dune, Tidbit, Phoenix, Necron (Necron is discontinued and replaced by Dreamscape), Dreamscape.

Grades: Apex, Dynasty are two grades assigned to my finest work. Apex is the highest grade. Carver's Choice is not an actual grade but merely my notation on my web site that a particular piece, while not upgraded, is very worthy of consideration. There have only been two Apex graded tamps

Logos: Early (1998-fall,2001) none, except a plain brass dot was used on pick tampers and some CA tampers, that were strictly functional, and not really logos, but came to be associated with a logo. Fall 2001 to current: to avoid confusion, the bimetal logo was introduced and applied to all tampers. As of March, 2003, with the introduction of the nickle silver tamping surface, the brass core of the bimetal logo will be replaced by nickle silver for such tampers.

Regular production logo: a copper rim with a brass solid core. Nickle silver tamped tampers will have a nickle silver core clad in a copper ring. Special edition logo: brass rim, a "floating" copper ring, and a solid brass core. A special edition logo variant for nickle silver tamps is anticpated. From Fall 2002 onwards all pick tamps have the bimetal logo embedded on the brass tamp surface. Some tampers, due to size and/or design requirements, utilize logos smaller (1/8") than standard (5/32"). Variations can and do exist.

Feature Designations: "Strata": lamination of multiple materials. "Ultra" indicates use of cellulose acetate (discontinued Fall 2002). "Arborea" indicates use of a briar tamping surface."NS" designates the use of a nickle silver tamping surface. "Prototype" noted on the ownership card indicates that the tamp is a prototype of a given model.

Special/Limited Editions: Presentation; Make-A-Wish Foundation Charity Christmas tamps: Icicle, Chritsmas Tree, Candle (1999); JT Cooke Fundraiser seven day set combined effort with Paul Tatum (11/2000); JT Cooke Fundraiser eBay auction Matrix in Blood of Kings (11/2000); Third Anniversay Pocket Model with up/down double dot logo (Halloween contest 10/01); Presentation in Blood of Kings in Pipes & Tobacco Magazine Museum.

Limited Release Materials: Venom, Bane, Widow, BlueBlood, Caneel, Faux Horn, Fractured, Oyster, Matrix Blue, Matrix Black, Matrix Tan, Spice.

Materials Carrying Premium Pricing: Acrylic: Venom, Matrix Blue, Matrix Black, Matrix Tan. Cellulose Acetate: all CA materials. Cebloplast: Ming, Kahuna, Bane, Inferno II, Widow, Fractured, Razzle, Oyster, Spice.

Estate Market: As with any pipe item, an estate market has begun to develop for Ming tamps. So far I am very pleased with the resale market value of my work. While resale values have varied, some tampers have sold at or near original retail price. In an effort to assist buyers and sellers I will be more than happy to answer any questions regarding particular pieces.